Congratulation to Ludivine, Azadeh and Edward for the acceptation of our manuscript in Advanced Healthcare Materials. The article reports a novel approach to manufacture pumpless organs-on-chips devices that relies on the use of a thread to provide a driving force for the perfusion of the cell culture media within the device. This simple design makes it easier to implement organs-on-chip, especially for applications that require self-containment such as virus work.

Pumpless microfluidics

Caco-2 cells differentiation in a pumpless device versus in a device with peristaltic pump. A&E: F-actin network (green); B&F: Mucin 2 (yellow); C&G: Tight junctions protein ZO-1 expression (green); D&H: Active mitochondria (red).

“Pumpless organs-on-chips” to be published in Advanced Healthcare Materials