About us

Welcome to the BioEngineering group directed by Professor Benjamin Thierry. The group is based at the Future Industries Institute at the UniSA, and is a node of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Convergent Bio-Nano Science and Technology.

Our research activities focus at the interface of bioengineering, materials science, nanoscience, and medicine and our main objective is to develop and implement novel biodiagnostic technologies. We also aim to develop, in collaboration with biomedical researchers, technologies able to provide new insights about important biological processes, including the metastatic processes and the response of tumour cells to cancer therapeutics in complex 3D environment therapeutics. To this end, we are developing cutting-edge “organs-on-a-chip” technologies that bridge the gap between engineering and medicine, and allow us to mimic and study complex organs/tissues such as vascularized tumours and the intestinal epithelium. We also aim to obtain improved mechanistic understanding of the uptake and penetration of therapeutic and diagnostic agents in the body and to translate these insights into more efficient diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

A major aspect of our translational research is also the design of solid state biosensing approaches based on cutting edge nano/microtechnology principles to isolate and/or detect rare cells and biomarkers from biological samples such as blood. A specific focus is the development of new prenatal care technologies, including cell-based non invasive prenatal testing with comprehensive genomic coverage.

The translational research focus of the group is illustrated by the establishment of Ferronova Ltd, a spin-off company aimed at the clinical development of our cancer diagnostic probe technology.

Microfluidic Pouya Parisa

Cell micromanipulation - Marnie Meysam

3D Bioprinter - Michelle




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