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Success in ARC Linkage grant

Great news today with the announcement of successful ARC Linkage grants. Our project aimed at the “Detection and viability of waterborne pathogens using a gut-on-chip” has been funded. Prof Una

Our cell-based non-invasive prenatal testing project features in media

Congratulation to the whole team – the recently published article in Advanced Technologies Materials has gathered some media attention. In addition to featuring in the Adelaide Advertiser, this work has

Marnie features in UniSA’s 8 women in STEM


Ana begins her 6 months stay in Hans Clever’s group

All the best to Ana for her Endeavor Award in the group of Prof Hans Clever at the Ubrecht. Prof Clever is one of the world leading cell biologists and

The BioEngineering group lab is officially certified OGTR PC2

Great news as the lab is now officially certified as an OGTR PC2 laboratory. Thanks to Marnie and others for all the hard work leading to this.

Duy awarded a Partnership Enabling Grant

Congratulation to Duy for being awarded a Partnership Enabling Grant. This 33k grant will support the development of a solid-state biosensing technology in the prenatal care field.  Duy will be supported in this endeavor by Prof Chris Chow and Prof Chris Saint.

UniSA CBNS node meeting

What an exciting afternoon of scientific discussion!

CBNS UniSA Node March 2018


Lorena and Marnie’s article on detection of cryptosporidium to be published in J. Biological Engineering

Congratulation to all!  The Journal of Biological Engineering is a quality interdisciplinary publication.

Stewart Bartlett joins Ferronova as chief executive

Fantastic news as Stewart Bartlett joins Ferronova as chief executive. Stewart is Signostics co-founder and former chief operating officer and has successfully overseen the development of Signostic’s handheld ultrasound bladder scanner.

Stewart featured in the business section of the Advertiser.

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Funding from Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation scheme

Our collaboration with Professor Bernhard Wolfrum at the TUM has received a grant from the 2017 Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation scheme. This award will support joint research aimed at the development of point-of-care sensing devices for the detection of preeclampsia. Congratulation to Duy and Philip who coordinated the bid!

We look forward to host Bernhard and Philipp in June next year.

Farewell to Vy and Jean


Congratulation to Ana for her Endeavour Award

Congratulation to Ana for being awarded a 2018 Endeavour Research Fellowship!


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Congratulation to Giri for his Fulbright Postgraduate Award

Giri has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright Postgraduate Award – congratulation! This will strengthen our collaboration with Professor Eben Rosenthal at Stanford University.

Marnie awarded a New Adventure Fund grant

Congratulation to Marnie for being awarded a New Adventure Fund grant. Her project builds on the current collaboration with the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and is aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of performing Whole Exome Sequencing on fetal cells isolated from maternal blood towards the development of improved NIPT procedures.

Vy’s image shortlisted for the UniSA Image of Research competition

The image is the polymeric microfabricated filters she is developing to isolate circulating trophoblastic cells. Vote for her here.

Honeycomb microfilters