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Vy’s image shortlisted for the UniSA Image of Research competition

The image is the polymeric microfabricated filters she is developing to isolate circulating trophoblastic cells. Vote for her here.

Kyall’s article published in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering

Congratulation to Kyall for the publication of his article “Intestine-on-a-Chip Microfluidic  Model for Efficient in Vitro Screening of Oral Chemotherapeutic Uptake” in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering.

Ian Wark Medal awarded to Aidan for best PhD

Aidan has been awarded the 2016 Ian Wark medal. The Ian Wark Research Medal is awarded to the most outstanding Future Industries Institute (and before that the Ian Wark Research

Bionanoengineering group joins the ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-Nano Science

We are pleased to announce that the Bionanoengineering group is now part of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Bio-Nano Science is a national innovator in bio-nano sciences and an incubator of

Chih-Tsung awarded his PhD

Congratulation to Chih-Tsung for being awarded his PhD with honors. His thesis is entitled “Amplification of surface plasmon resonance biomolecular binding events: towards improved biosensing based cancer prognostics”. Chih-Tsung will

CellSorter technology to be installed in the lab

The FACS in a petri technology allows for automated detection of rare cells and their micromanipulation towards single cells genomic and transcriptomic analyses.  This will be the first CellSorter system installed in Australia. More info here.

sort live cells right from the petri dish

Chih-Tsung research to be published in Analytical Chemistry

Congratulation to Chih-Tsung for the acceptance of his paper in the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry.

Chih-Tsung article published in J Mat Chem C

Congratulation to Chih-Tsung for the publication of his article “Investigation of plasmonic signal enhancement based on long range surface plasmon resonance with gold nanoparticle tags” in J Mat Chem C. 3 additional manuscripts reporting his PhD work are currently under review or in preparation. The paper can be found here.



Powerhouse investment in Ferronova completed

Powerhouse Ventures Limited (ASX: PVL), the developer of intellectual property based businesses, has completed its first Australian investment into Ferronova Pty Ltd to support the development of our cancer staging system.

Powerhouse specialises in developing and shaping research from Australasian universities into world changing businesses. It has developed a unique approach, providing access to business building expertise, capital, networks, recruitment and ongoing business support. Its portfolio currently comprises 22 early stage to mature businesses founded on university and research institute intellectual property. The company listed on the ASX on October 12th 2016.

More on

Ferronova finalist of Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia Best Commercial Deal

The KCA Awards recognise research organisations’ successes in expertly facilitating the transfer of knowledge to the broader community and research into products or services where companies grow new industries in Australia.  This year they have also expanded to recognise the great work that research organisations are doing teaching high-impact entrepreneurship and immersing stakeholders in a diverse range of hands on business training.

Benjamin joins the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports

Scientific Reports is a journal of the Nature Publishing Group that publishes original research in all areas of the natural and clinical sciences. It has rapidly become one of the leading journal in the field and aims to make broadly available to the scientific community research of high quality.

Scientific Reports

Ferronova in The Advertiser

The launch of Ferronova and the alliance with Powerhouse featured in The Advertiser “Ferronova’s magnet cancer detection device draws investors “.


Marnie awarded best oral presentation at ASMR 2016 meeting

Congratulation to Marnie for being awarded the prize for best oral presentation at the 2016 SA meeting of the Australian Society for Medical Research. What a great achievement considering the excellence of the other candidates !

Ferronova Ltd Pty established with the support of BioSA and PowerHouse Ventures

We are proud to announce the launch of Ferronova ltd pty, a spin-off company aimed at developing and commercializing our cancer magnetometer probe technology. We are joining forces with New Zealand based nanoparticle specialist Boutiq Science and major IP investor, Powerhouse Ventures.

Ferronova has also received funding from the BioSA Industry Development program, which assists South Australian technology organisations to develop their business.

You can read the press release here and here. More on Ferronova will be posted soon.


Intraoperative sensors attract significant media interest

Duy’s article in ACS Nano (find it here) has attracted significant interest and has featured in a number of media such as Tumour detecting sensors to reduce follow-up cancer surgery

You can also listen to Benjamin discussing this research in the breakfast program of Radio-Adelaide.