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RTIS grant to support collaboration with Harvard University

The grant is entitled “Bioengineered organs-on-chip models: A new approach to investigate the radiobiological effects of cancer radiotherapy ” and is funded under the Cancer Research theme of the University

Review article on Cell-based NIPT published in Trends in Biotechnology

Well done to Marnie, Meysam and all other co-authors for the publication of our review article  “A Reappraisal of Circulating Fetal Cell Noninvasive Prenatal Testing” in Trends in Biotechnology. Abstract:

CBNS Roadshow at Unley High School

Congratulation to all the CBNS team for putting together a very successful event at Unley High School as part f the 2018 CBNS Roadshow. The event featured talks by Clive,

Congratulation to Aidan for being a finalist in the 2018 Prime Minister New Innovator Prize

Unfortunately the first prize went to Dr Geoff Rogers for his excellent wok on developing a new cardiovascular technology but congratulation to Aidan for being a Finalist in this very

Marnie finalist in the 2018 Winnovation Award

Congratulation to Marnie for being a finalist in the 2018 Winnovation award in the Technology category.    

Marnie features in UniSA’s 8 women in STEM



Ana begins her 6 months stay in Hans Clever’s group

All the best to Ana for her Endeavor Award in the group of Prof Hans Clever at the Ubrecht. Prof Clever is one of the world leading cell biologists and a pioneer in the fields of  stem cells and regenerative medicine. His group is at the forefront in the field of organoid research. This 6 month visit will be a fantastic experience for Ana and the chance to build long-lasting collaboration.

The BioEngineering group lab is officially certified OGTR PC2

Great news as the lab is now officially certified as an OGTR PC2 laboratory. Thanks to Marnie and others for all the hard work leading to this.

PC2 Lab

Aidan short-listed for the 2018 Prime Minister New Innovator Prize

Fingers crossed for the last stage of this highly prestigious award!

Pouya and Parisa selected for the EMBL PhD course

Congratulation to Pouya and Parisa for being selected for the 2018 EMBL course. Sixty outstanding first and second year PhD students from around Australia have been selected to attend the two weeks at the University of New South Wales between July 1 and 13.

More info here.

Duy’s review on the design and fabrication of SiNW FETs to be published in Materials

Congratulation to Duy for the acceptance of his review articles in the 10th year anniversary  edition of the journal Materials. The review comprehensively discuss the design, fabrication of SiNW FETs within biosensing platform.

The review can be accessed here.

Marnie’s paper on microfluidic enrichment of fetal cells to be published in Adv Mat Technologies

Congratulation to Marnie for the acceptance of her manuscript in Advanced Materials Technologies. The article entitled “Isolation of Circulating Fetal Trophoblasts using Inertial Microfluidics for Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing” describes our initial work on using microfluidics to isolate circulating trophoblastic cells.  First of many more to come on this exciting research topic.

Inertial microfluidic Fetal Cells

Aidan’s nominated for a Prime Minister’s Prize for Science Nomination

Exciting news for Aidan as his contribution to the establishment and growth of Ferronova has been recognized through a nomination for a Prime Minister’s Prize for Science Nomination (New Investigator).

Congratulation and fingers crossed Aidan.

Duy awarded a Partnership Enabling Grant

Congratulation to Duy for being awarded a Partnership Enabling Grant. This 33k grant will support the development of a solid-state biosensing technology in the prenatal care field.  Duy will be supported in this endeavor by Prof Chris Chow and Prof Chris Saint.

UniSA CBNS node meeting

What an exciting afternoon of scientific discussion!

CBNS UniSA Node March 2018