Review article on Cell-based NIPT published in Trends in Biotechnology

Well done to Marnie, Meysam and all other co-authors for the publication of our review article  “A Reappraisal of Circulating Fetal Cell Noninvasive Prenatal Testing” in Trends in Biotechnology.

Figure 1

Abstract: New tools for higher-resolution fetal genome analysis including microarray and next-generation sequencing have revolutionized prenatal screening. This article provides commentary on this rapidly advancing field and a future perspective emphasizing circulating fetal cell (CFC) utility. Despite the tremendous technological challenges associated with their reliable and cost-effective isolation from maternal blood, CFCs have a strong potential to bridge the gap between the diagnostic sensitivity of invasive procedures and the desirable noninvasive nature of cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA). Considering the rapid advances in both rare cell isolation and low-input DNA analysis, we argue here that CFC-based noninvasive prenatal testing is poised to be implemented clinically in the near future.

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