Academic collaborations

Prof. Andreas Offenhäusser,  Peter Grünberg Institute / Institute of Complex Systems at the Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH – Silicon nanowire field effect biosensing (Supported by DAAD, co-supervision Tran Phu Duy)

Dr. Pierre Bagnaninchi, Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh – Plasmonic nanoparticles as Stem Cells labeling agents and optical imaging of tumour models

A/Prof Tim Price and Dr Jenny Hardingham (The Queen Elizabeth Hospital) – Molecular characterization of circulating tumours cells in colorectal cancer

Prof Wayne Tilley and Dr Luke Selth (University of Adelaide) – Molecular characterization of circulating tumours cells in prostate cancer

Prof. B. Liedberg, Prof. Y. Wang (Center for Biomimetic Sensor Science, Nanyang Technological University) – Plasmonic biosensing

Prof Rosalie Grivell and Dr Tristan Hardy (Women’s and Children’s Hospital) – Prenatal diagnostics

Dr Clare Whitehead (University of Melbourne) – Prenatal Diagnostics

Prof Ning Gu and A/Prof Zhou xin (Southeast University) – Molecular diagnostics

Dr. Paul Monis and Dr. Brendon King, SA Water – Cryptosporidium detection in drinking water

Prof. Guangjun Nie, Centre for Nanoscience and Technology (Beijing) – Nanoparticles imaging (Supported by a NHMRC Project grant)

Dr. Sarah Thompson, Department of Surgery, Royal Adelaide Hospital – Sentinel Lymph Node imaging (Supported by the NSW Cancer Council, Co-supervision Aidan Cousin)

A/Prof. Andrew Ruszkiewicz, SA Pathology – Lab-on-Chip Pathology

A/Prof. Ben Boyd, Monash University – Plasmonic Drug Delivery

Prof. Peter-John Wormald, Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital – Treatment of Staphylococcus Aureus associated Chronic Rhinosinusitis (Supported by the NHMRC)


Industry partners

Ceramisphere ltd pty

Reproductive Health Science ltd pty