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Vasculature-on-chip & radiobiology article in Advanced Materials Technologies attract media coverage

Congratulation to Zhaobin and Chih-Tsung for the acceptation of their manuscript ‘Validation of a Vasculogenesis Microfluidic Model for Radiobiological Studies of the Human Microvasculature‘ in Advanced Materials Technologies. This work is a collaboration with the Royal Adelaide Hospital, the UTS and the Dana-Farber Cancer Research Institute at Harvard Medical School.

This research has attracted the attention of  several  media outlets such as ‘Microfluidic chip could reduce radiotherapy side effects‘ in PhysOrg.



PCT patent filed for NIPDx fetal cell based NIPT

Great new – The IP underpinning NIPDx Pty Ltd has progressed t the PCT phase with the support of UniSA Ventures.

NIPDx is a spin-off company aimed at developing a next generation NIPT technology based on circulating fetal cells isolated from maternal blood. The need for better and more reliable NIPT has been recently illustrated in this article by the BBC UK:

‘I nearly aborted my baby because of an unreliable test’ – read the full article here.

Welcome and congratulations to Nghia

Congratulation to Nghia who has been awarded a “top-up” PhD scholarship from  Healthy Development Adelaide. He will start his PhD working closely with Marnie Winter on non-invasive prenatal testing.