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Duy’s PhotoFET article accepted in Applied Physics Letters

Congratulation to Duy for the acceptance of his article entitled “Photoresponsive properties of ultrathin silicon nanowires”  in Applied Physics Letters, a premier journal in Applied Physics. This work is in collaboration with Prof  Andreas Offenhäusser and Prof. Bernhard Wolfrum at the Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH and also Prof Thomas Nann at the Wark.

TGR collaboration awarded a Catalyst grant from the SA Government !

Chia-Chi has been awarded a $60k Catalyst grant from the South Australian Government to develop our collaboration with TGR Bioscience. The project will aim to develop novel microfluidic immunoassays and is supported by the SA-Australian National Fabrication Facility.




Congratulation to Mohammad and Zhou Xin for being awarded Endeavour Fellowships

Mohammad (now Dr Pourhassan!) and Dr Zhou xin (SouthEast University) have been awarded Endeavour Fellowships that will support scientific visits next year. Congratulation to both of them !


Congratulation to Chia-Chi for winning an ARC DECRA

Fantastic news for Chia-Chi as she has been awarded a prestigious DECRA Fellowship in the most recent round of the Australian Research Council. The success rate was 13.6% so extremely competitive. This will enable Chia-Chi to advance her research aimed at developing in vitro vascularized 3D tumor models.  She received the congratulations of Christopher Pyne, Australia’s Minister for Education….congratulation !

More on the UniSA web-page.

Christopher Pyne MP, Professor Hans Griesser, Dr Chia-Chi Chien, Professor Richard Head, Professor David Lloyd