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NH&MRC Fellowships to the group !

Fantastic news from the 2014 NHM&MRC funding round as both Benjamin and Nicky have been awarded NH&MRC Fellowships.

Benjamin has been awarded a Career Development Fellowship Level 2.

Nicky has been awarded an Early Career Fellowship for his project aimed at elucidating the structure and Function of Antimicrobial Therapies and their Interaction with Upper Respiratory Biofilms.

Super high resolution correlative microscopy facility up and running

The ARC funded super high resolution correlative microscopy facility is now up and running. This unique facility combines the Zeiss CrossBeam SEM with a super high resolution confocal ELYRA and will support a broad range of research in biotechnology, nanomedicine, environmental sciences and mineral research. The structured illumination Elyra microscope is the first super high resolution confocal instrument in South Australia.

The two Zeiss microscopes are located in the MM building adjacent to our lab and will provide the BioNanoEngineering group with a world class technology to unravel the behavior of nanomedicine in biological systems.