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Dr Nicky Thomas appointed in joint position

Dr. Nicky Thomas will join the group in a project supported by the NHMRC project in collaboration with Prof. Peter John Wormald at the Queen Elisabeth Hospital and Prof. Clive Prestige at the Wark.

Kyall gets a first class Hons

Kyall successfully completed his Hons at the Wark and obtained a first class Hons.  Kyall has been offered a PhD scholarship and will start in January 2013 – Congratulation !

NHMRC grant funding

A/Prof. Benjamin Thierry and co-investigators Prof. Dayang Wang, Prof. Guangjun Nie (Centre for Nanoscience and Technology, China) and A/Prof. Ivan Kempson (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) have been awarded a project grant by the NH&MRC for their research aimed at elucidating the penetration and binding of nanomedicines in interstitial tumor tissues. Limited drug penetration within the solid tumors mass and inhomogeneous interstitial distribution plays a major role in the resistance of cancers to chemotherapy. This project will provide an improved understanding of how therapeutic nanomedicines transport inside tumor and ultimately, it will foster the design of more potent nanomedicines.

Prof. Offenhäusser visits the Bionanoengineering group

Prof. Offenhäusser, director of the Peter Grünberg Institute / Institute of Complex Systems at the Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, has visited the bionanoengineering group in November 2012. His visit was sponsored by a DAAD international grant.

Michelle’s first paper published in Langmuir

A Solution to the PEG Dilemma: Efficient Bioconjugation of Large Gold Nanoparticles for Biodiagnostic Applications using Mixed Layers.

Welcome !

Welcome to the BioNanoEngineering group directed by Dr. Benjamin Thierry. The group is a part of the Ian Wark Research Institute, the Australian Research Council Special Research Centre for Particle and Material Interfaces. Our research activities focus at the interface of nanomaterials science, biotechnology and medicine.  A key-hypothesis underlying our work is that the materials-living interface is pivotal in developing advanced and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic biomedical approaches. Taking advantage of the excellent facilities at the Ian Wark, including the South Australian node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF), and through a network of biomedical and clinical collaborators, we are currently pursuing translational research activities in BioNanoTechnologies towards the development of novel diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic approaches. 

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